Janis Ian: Breaking Silence


“JANIS IAN, Breaking Silence” Documentary: Dinamita Post is the Mexican post production company that was assigned for most of the services required for this extraordinary project, and is actually on the verge of the final delivery.

In the mid-60s, Janis Ian, a tiny teenage Jewish singer-songwriter from New Jersey scores a hit (“Society’s Child,” 1966) about an interracial relationship. 


The song launches her illustrious career but also ignites controversy, and she plunges into an emotional tailspin–only to emerge from the ashes with an even bigger hit (“At Seventeen,” 1975) about body shaming. For the next six decades, Janis overcame homophobia, record industry misogyny, and a life-threatening illness to produce an indelible body of work that continues to draw large audiences around the globe.


With access to Janis Ian’s incredible body of music, her vast archive, family, friends, famed collaborators, and music journalists, we’re creating an in-depth musical film, told in three acts, with the intimacy of a home movie set against a sweeping historical context–all visioned through a contemporary lens.


Directed by

Varda Bar-Kar 


Written by

Varda Bar-Kar 

Pierre Hauser


Produced by

Varda Bar-Kar

Alessandra Pasquino

Brooke Wentz



Matthew Wilder 



Ryan Larkin 


Post Producer: David Aragon


Postproduction Company: DINAMITA POST SA de CV


Post Production Services Provided: 

  • Editorial Assistance
  • Postproduction
  • Online
  • DCP
  • Cloud Services
  • VFX
  • Motion Graphics
  • Color Grading
  • Audio Mix


More information about the project:  https://www.janisiandocumentary.com/