A brief outline of the mystism lying behind DINAMITA

Who We Are

A collective of artists that makes post-production work of the highest level

We are a post-production house like no other since we unravel our clients' needs comprehensively. We developed the Lean PostProduction model

We Are Pioneers

Since DINAMITA was founded in 2014, it has become a ground-breaking post-production company in the use of technology for digital compression for the Broadcast High End, in post-production processes such as: Loss less Compression (Matrox), RED1, H264, XAVC, Final Cut 10 and Apple ProRes.

We developed the Lean PostProduction® methodology and applied it to the audiovisual industry world.

How We Made It

Through experience and efficiency we give room for creativity in the post-production process, using our proprietary LPP© model.

Due to our expertise and our cultural background , we forged cordiality, camaraderie, empathy, trust and respect with our clients and collaborators, which positively impacts our projects' quality.



Producing outstanding projects for the global market using our LPP© methodology ..


Being the best Post-production House in Mexico, Latin America and the world.

Awards and Acknowledgments "EL VATO" International Emmy Awards©

DinamitaPost was in charge of the complete project's post-production; which significantly contributed for it to be awarded the 2018 International Emmy® Non-English Language US Primetime Program Winner El Vato – Season 2

What makes us different...


Our People

Dinamita Post's team is made up of specialists in every area. Besides having the same quality standards, they all share our vision of being flexible and agile innovators.

At times, projects can turn into real challenges. In addition to the time we invest in them, we are fully committed to the story and client's vision.





At Dinamita Post, nothing gives us more satisfaction and thrill than a finished piece. Apart from the client's or spectator's approval, we love knowing that we put all our efforts into making it happen.

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