Efficiency from planning to final delivery


We optimize times and budgets

LEAN POSTPRODUCTION© (LPP) is DINAMITA POST's proprietary methodology. This agile, light, innovative and flexible methodology optimizes time and budgets to the maximum.

It is based on industry's best practices but especially on the know how of our experienced Dinamita Post's team, made up of specialists in every area. Our LPP© model makes it possible to optimize every post-production process through pre-production, communication, and planning . This is how we achieve maximum efficiency in technical processes and provide greater room for the creative proccess.

In broad terms, our model consists of 3 main axis:


Post-production starts with pre-production

Communication with all departments is crucial to look after the final result.

The project's technical especifications and needs are assessed at the pre-production stage. . It is there where we get the "magic" behind our results.


Availability and accessibility are key

All material is stored in a SAN, which is only distributed to the corresponding departments and staff. Information about timings, budgets, and client relatioship is made through one channel. This ensures order and safety.


Unique projects demand flexible protocols

After 32 years and a great number of world-class projects, we learned that there are no 2 projects alike.

For this reason, protocols outlined at DINAMITA are implemented according to project's and client's needs.

Relentless organization + clear budget = world-class quality

In order to achieve a balance between technical efficiency and available resources, we designed a workflow for each project based on protocols established beforehand. 

LEAN POSTPRODUCTION© is our integral, centralized, efficient and flexible model. It goes far beyond renting a studio or hiring an operator. LPP is committed to the message, quality, and budget. In order to accomplish that, it follows a specific methodology.


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